RA​.​318 Rrose [320k]

by Rrose



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Rrose - Auto-Amputee [unreleased]
Ana-Maria Avram - Zodiaque III [Edition Modern]
Rrose - Wet Silk Will [Eaux]
Rrose x Bob Ostertag - The Surgeon General (her insides laid bare) [Eaux]
Mark Ernestus vs Konono N°1 - Masikulu Dub [Crammed]
Oni Ayhun - 004B [OAR]
Fluxion - Eruption (Morphosis Reprise) [Echocord]
Container - Protrusion [Spectrum Spools]
Reeko - The Guest [Mental Disorder]
Hieroglyphic Being - Temple of the Sun [Mathematics]
Alex Cortex - Acid Lyes [Platzhirsch]
Shifted - Colours Of The Fall [Mote Evolver]
Andy Stott - She's Gone Wrong [Modern Love]
Gherkin Jerks - Don't Dis The Beat [Gherkin]
Sendai - EP2012-4 [Time To Express]
Komet - Licht [12k]
Function - Obsessed (Substance Remix) [Echocord Colour]
Andre Holland - The Outback [Underground Resistance]
Endless - EHDC Tool [Electric Deluxe]
Jeff Pietro - Still 1 [Borrowed Language]
A Made Up Sound - Demons (Reprise) [A Made Up Sound]
DJ Slip - Snapshot [Music Man]
Rrose - Prism Guard [Eaux]
Lakker - BKRO [Blueprint]
Kassem Mosse - Inswanns [Nonplus]
Carter Scholz - Kaleidophon (Stochastic) [Frog Peak Music]
Amal Lumuntod - Binalig [Ethnic Folkways]
Suum Cuique - Red Binary [Young Americans]


released July 2, 2012





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